Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can every kid be a 7?

A problem arose in my school at the end of last term when I had a group of Year 7's and a group of Year 8's that did outstanding work. The Year 7's (basically 11 year olds) learned to use Microsoft 2007 and my Year 8's (12 year olds) were introduced to PhotoStory 3 and had amazing results. The curriculum was written by me, checked by the MYP Co-ordinator and approved by the Head of the Technology Department who also happens to be the principal.

These kids did great work and had fantastic results. A problem arose when I gave them all 7's (the highest grade) - which they all deserved. This was met with a lot of resistance by the Dept Head/Principal and, although not directely asked to do so I am smart enough to know that I was expected to change the grades and I did so (unhappily/begrudingly).

I was informed that all kids can't be 7's and if they are then there is something wrong. And I quote,

"They cannot all be achieving level 7 by the end of the course. If they are, it suggests that the demands of the course are not significant enough."

I don't get it - I'm teaching Word 2007 and PhotoStory 3 not Brain Surgery 101 to middle school aged children. What I saw in those 2 classes was a bunch of little kids following directions, working hard, and having a bit of fun. Sounds like a winning combo to me. In my book, that in and of itself is deserving of a 7.

Somebody has a lot to learn, and I'm not exactly sure who that is . . .

Another possibility/example

My newly formed group of kids at school (Tech Teen Productions) have decided to make another film:-D I came across this video and although it is way too long, thought that it would serve as an example for the kids. Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My First Assembly

Our school holds assemblies just about every week. One of the primary reasons is to showcase student work and to show the rest of the school what we are doing in class. Well tomorrow I will be involved in my first ever (hahahaha) assembly. The above video is what my Year 9 IT classes are all about.

Grab your popcorn. Hope you enjoy the show!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Term 2 is in Full Swing

Well Term 2 is in Full Swing. In fact we are half-way through the term and are enjoying a week off due to Carnival Break :-) I'm setting more limits and learning to say "NO". I can't do it all and be it all - it just isn't possible. BUT I can be the best Tech Teacher that I can be (if that makes any sense at all - lol). So that's what I'm doing - or trying to do. I'm trying to help these kids, that the universe sent my way, become more computer literate and introduce them to technologies that they can actually use in their scholastic and personal lives. After all they will be spending a lot of their waking moments online. Most days I feel like I'm making progress - and that's what really counts!