Friday, August 10, 2007

Social Bookmarking - It's

Saving a link to your "Favorites" is OUT!
Social Bookmarking is IN! See how easy it is.


Cristina Costa said...

Common craft really make it easy for us to understand this stuff, don't they. I find this videos just brilliant.

Joao said...

Hi Ramona
Great blog you have. It's full of useful information and I'll be a regular visitor of it. I loved the video about social bookmarking which I have posted on the pilgrims's blog. That's a blog I created after an English language course I attended in Maidstone this Summer. The main idea was to post the photos and keep in touch but I have also posted a lot of material connected to technology and language learning. Maybe one day I will use those posts for my other blog "Beyond the Classroom Walls".
Beijinhos from the South of Portugal.

Nidia said...

Ahhhh... That's what is for! LOL Great video! And really useful! ;P
And another great blog of yours. I'm not in the teaching business but I'll come to check it out to learn more stuff! :)
Beijocas, NĂ­dia

Anonymous said...

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Social Bookmarking