Sunday, November 25, 2007

IATEFL Conference - Milan

IATEFL Conference - Milan, Italy November 26-28, 2007

Learning Technologies: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Pedagogy

My first cyber-session! Cristina and I presented at the Milan conference. You are thinking how wonderful it was for us to travel to Italy to present. What a great opportunity to drink expresso and eat biscotti! Well, it wasn't quite like that. Cristina was in Manchester (England) and I was here in Lisbon (Portugal) webcasting from my classroom after school. (LOL) However, it was a great experience and everything worked smoothly aside from the fact that I couldn't connect my camera so we went to Plan B and just uploaded a photo of the two of us. The audience asked a bunch of questions (always a good sign) and I felt great! Thank you Cristina for doing all the legwork (well actually finger work - hahaha) for finding this opportunity for us. Cristina, you are the guru!

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Cristina Costa said...

It was great to once again co-present with you. we are a great team. It was really great fun. And I think the audience liked it too, which is always nice.

Looking forward to the next one.