Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Slam Poetry? Slam Dunk!

According to Wikipedia, "Slam poetry is performance poetry, a form of spoken word performed at a competitive poetry event, called a "slam", at which poets perform their own poems (or, in rare cases, those of others) that are "judged" on a numeric scale by randomly picked members of the audience." (For more info on slam poetry and slam poets click here.)

Slam poetry encompasses a very broad range of voices, styles, cultural traditions and approaches to writing and performance.

Taylor Mali is a slam poet. For more information about this former teacher check out his website:

Taylor Mali tells it like it is! He makes a difference! What about you?

1 comment:

Cris said...

The speaker'slast sentence is still echoing in my mind.
"I make a God D*** difference. What about you?"
Shouldn't that be the role of any educator? To make the difference.
Shouldn't that also be the role, and the responsibility, of every citizen, every learner?

You don't mind my including this in one of my blog posts, do you. I will of course reference your interesting blog.