Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Another day, another Voicethread!

Earth Day 2008 (April 22) is just upon us. To participate in creating a better world my I have set-up a Voicethread so students at SDIS can offer suggestions.

Are these great kids or what???


Cristina Costa said...
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cristina costa said...

You guys are already here!
I was looking for your terrific voicethreads all over the pace.

Looks like my feed aggregator for this blog is not working again.
Need to check it!
This is an brilliant.

Looking forward to more fun on April 22.

Creativity Cafe Founder said...

Please join us for a video conference later today (via Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World has been opening peace portals on April 22 since 1995. Please participate in our project:

Dennis said...

Fantastic! What a marvelous job the students have done! Parabéns!

If we all followed the students' suggestions, there would be an immediate improvement in our environment.

I especially appreciated the fact that most of the comments were bilingual.

Were the languages only English and Portuguese or were there others as well?

Best wishes and more congratulations from Arizona, U.S.A.—

Dennis in Phoenix