Friday, May 2, 2008

Knowschools - Everything Google

Wow! What a week! Cristina and I were once again involved in providing an online course at Knowschools. This time the title was "Everything Google" (April 27 - May 02). Google is much more than a serarch engine! We covered an array of Google apps: (Google Docs, Blogger, Google Calendar, Google Video, Google Doodle, Google Sketch up, You Tube, Google Desktop, Google Gadgets, Google Pages, Google Reader, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Groups, Picassa, Gmail and Gtalk)!

The course was held at Knowschools which offers classes in a virtual environment. It is intended for educators and one of their aims is to promote excellence in online education. We met a lot of really great teachers and we are now all Google experts (hahaha)!

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cristina costa said...

one thing is for sure: we have all grown even more google enthusiast.
This workshop just came to confirm our suspicions. Everyone is using google and loving it! ;-)
I can no longer picture my online existence without it. We don't even realize how often we use google services - every other minute! ;-)
It is great to moderate with you. Lookingforward to he next gig!