Sunday, October 10, 2010

Too cute for words . . .

I came across a little cat video. 

I then followed the link to the Simon's Cat site and found that a really cute photo competition has just started.  What fun this is going to be in November for my Year 7's and 8's!

Take a photo of your favourite animal with Simon's Cat!

"In celebration of the new Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence book we've decided to hold a fun photo competition! In the book Simon's Cat ventures beyond his garden fence and discovers wondrous new sights and encounters many new animal friends.
 We'd like to take inspiration from the book by having Simon's Cat visit all your favourite animal friends all around the world!

We are pleased to have by Sue Lang of Stray Cat Rescue as guest judge. She will be the assisted in judging by Simon Tofield. "

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